keeyan sidiq mir

welcome to my website i thank you all for your time and patience.i thank ALLAH swt for everything that i have.i am the one who loves music and it started in 2008 when there were few people in our beloved Kashmir who knew about the western music probably it was Michael Jackson ,Backstreet Boys,Celine Dion and other artist ,it was a big deal at that time to be around the western music and to arrange the cassettes was another big deal time changed then it was the one store  in Kashmir which had  good collection of  cassettes and then the internet was a new event and finally we used to purchase records from the store,eventually i was unaware of the things that why do i have this interest of music in me .i loved to listen music and the one which has deep meaning to it and mean while i realized that music kept me happy and at school time i used to dance and act in plays and finally the music gave me what i was searching was my 1st moment when i fall for something which was healing me and the day was December 2004 when i came to know about Rock music and it started with one song Dust in the wind by scorpions and indeed how can i not say Nirvana was something which was perfect ,must say headbangers ball MTV collection which was yearly getting released took me to  a world then i came to know that we can do what we want to finally a hard time in life brought me more close to guitar ,Though i am not a good singer but i sing for what i feel and what i have been through ,and here i am  with you i hope you love me at least for my efforts.finally  i have started  youth studio Kashmir were students come and join us anyhow for free lectures and free music sessions and band performance as can catch me on Instagram,Facebook also download my songs from sound cloud and Reverberation as well and you can also download the free music from my websites as well here are the links as well you  might liked to join me on as well

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