sometimes -by keeyan

i dont knw what should i write were should i begin with but its all about sometimessometimes  you wana run away from these circumstances .sometimes you wish you were in another world were it was simple rather than harsh and complicatedsometimes i wish all the things which we wished wd had been acheievable,sometimes i wish i had patience as i have had more than i had been able to take it.sometimes i wish there was voice with me to be wth me every day.all my tears have dried and still i wish there was somone who can make me feel alive.sometimes you wish a simple hapiness and you dont get that,the peace of mind is everything and yet i  am wondering were should i start and end with,all hopes why do they go in vain this feeling never  goes away.sometimes wish i can erase all the things which i have been through so that i can start with.indeed sometimes i wish i can be alone were no one can watch me and i can take a deep breathe and be all alone and sometimes i wish i can be  flock of people so that i can hide my scars and wana be loud.i dont sometimes why the things dont work out, but i think this sometimes is  it called destiny or is it called karma. sometimes i wish i can love someone and get loved and sometimes i get misunderstood for all reasons i am right on. they say life makes you learn but its sometimes that makes sometimes learn something.wewe3