My Music

ffffffffffffff-001i do not know what should i post but let me give it a try .for me music has been always like a language in which i can prove my point.i do not know when it became so important to me but now that it has become important to me.i have been living with it now and loving it as well.i do not know whenever i feel like nothing is working out for me.I always take out my i pod and sit somewhere near the Lake shores especially Dal lake in Kashmir or i prefer to sit alone somewhere and when the rain falls and then i hear my soul compositions they come in my brain and my nerves bring those words to my heart and my tongue speaks that to me and i start writing that and my guitar and voice makes that a song.Though even when i was kid music was always close to me and finally the time came and i walked out of the play and when i started studying in medical college jammu met some friends who introduced the rock music to me and the very beginning of the things was from Scorpions and may be the wind of change and dust in the winds worked out for me and then the finally touch was by Sir Kurt Cobain with the Nirvana in mind was clear crisp thoughts about the genera of music which made me feel alive.sometimes which you cant even express to some of people in life can be expressed to the world.millions of times i wanted to beg for mercy towards Allah swt and somehow found some artist so close and clear   taking about the love of beloved Allah.well my genera was rock,Heavy metal,progressive Rock,fusion,Pop rock i do not know what should i write here on the post may be this might not be even worth it but still i will make a point here .i would really appreciate  the people who would have the keen interest in music and want to join the ones who want to promote some messages in form of music .whatever i have been through life i have put down that on paper and tried to  sing the words and what i have been through in this life.everything in the world has a reason to be in with and i am sure music is the happiness that can comfort anyone at anytime.finally my journey started  and i came to Delhi being the capital state of India was incredible to be a part of it and then i met some other people as well and learned to play guitar and when ever someones expectation was laid off i picked up the guitar and closed the light and locked the door and then i felt so much comfortable and there was just tears and the music surrounded me.though i am not a good singer i do sing only what i want to and what i feel i should be and i do sing in my native language as well makes me feel proud and then finally in 2016 i started Youth studio Kashmir which was a collaborated movement by  the young talented youth of Kashmir which is an open platform for anyone in jammu and Kashmir to come and join for free music learning and music sessions and live jamming and indeed the benefit for everyone to join and promote our .i want to see the things in simple way and then i also believe if you can join the ones who are simple you can reach to miracles.i have nothing to justify just the things which  i have lost in life have made me learn a lot now i just run for peace nothing else