This is keeyan sidiq mir from the beautiful kashmir . As Everyone is aware of kashmir it is one of the beautiful places in the world,proud to be a kashmiri .well it was always a proud moment to be part of kashmir.though the situations around taught me how the life can be.i have seen what everyone watches here what everyone goes around.the only thing which i want to share with all of you is that my life is an open book what ever i have been through i have taken that as a feed back and implemented on my self may be some people might like it and some might not .i believe in love and care .i believe simplicity is the best finally whatever i met in life the words came on and then i made them songs of mine and then photography as also an adventure to it and i am a poet as well and professionally i am radiology technology  expert .my story is just nothing more than an ordinary kashmiri guy who wants to see peace everywhere and loves to be associated with peace and not to be taken for granted as no one wants that.the music started when i was in jammu medical college in year 2006 and started to listen hard rock and then music became more close to me then finally one day i came up with my own songs with the help of my band mates and now what i have is youth studio kashmir which is a free association for each and everyone can join us for experimentation in music filed in kashmir you can get in touch with us on my Facebook,Twitter, instagram and you can also join Youthstudio kashmir as well if you believe in yourself.




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              .The Gangbal Lake is  situated at the foothills of Mount Haramukh  the second highest mountain peak in the vicinity of Kashmir valley.The Gangbal lake is approached from Srinagar 45 kilometers by road via Ganderbal up to Naranag.our team was already aware of the Location as they already had come there.so this was by … Continue reading The great 7 lakes in kashmir – Gangbal My own Experience

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